Compose email groups and send bulk emails with a single mouse click!

EmailBulkGroups(c) is a Windows desktop program that you can use create bulk email lists and send bulk emails from your desktop PC.

The program is very simple to use. When you first download and install the program enter your email server settings. The program supports SMTP and SSL/TTS

encrypted servers.

Why use EmailBulkGroups(c)?

  1. Its the fastest and easiest way to send bulk emails with a single mouse click.

  2. You can create email list categories and email to a single person, all in the group or ALL groups.

  3. Its cheap only $99.99 (CDN) for a copy that has your company name, now that's service.

EmailBulkGroups(c) is written in high quality VisualC++ MFC and requires no run-time files to run on your computer so the install is a single .EXE file.

NOTE: I offer customization to the program so email me at for pricing.

Download - Click here for download

(c)2016 Vincent Collura (Inventor/Engineer)