Publish your shops inventory to your website in real time!

InventoryHTML(c) is a Windows desktop program that you can use to track and publish inventory items to your stores website or any remote FTP server with a single mouse click.

The program is very simple to use. Select 'Category' → 'New Category' from the toolbar to create a new category. For each category you can add up to 1,000 inventory items. When done creating categories and adding your inventory click on the 'FTP' button to create HTML pages and upload to your stores website.

The program generates a main HTML page (inventory.htm) and a webpage for each category. If a customer comes into the store and purchases and item you can click on the item and change the inventory count or simply delete the inventory item and re-ftp to your stores website. Its that simple.

You can list just raw inventory or you can also attach a picture to the item when adding or deleting and item. The picture names are based on the item code.

Why use InventoryHTML(c)?

  1. Its FAST to add, if you try to create HTML pages for your website it takes a long time. The program tracks your stores inventory and creates the HTML pages and FTP uploads all of the webpages with a *single click*.

  2. Its FAST to delete an inventory item, Once you sell and item you simply click on the item to delete it or change the inventory levels.

  3. Its cheap only $99.99 (CDN) for a copy that has your stores name and custom HTML that you want inserted into the HTML pages, now that's service.

InventoryHTML(c) is written in high quality VisualC++ MFC and requires no run-time files to run on your computer so the install is a single .EXE file.

NOTE: I offer customization to the program (e.g. Extra HTML) so email me at for pricing.

This is the main screen your customers will be greeted with

This is webpage for a category.

One Click FTP upload! After you enter the list of items that you have in inventory tap click on the 'FTP' button to convert all the categories to webpages and upload to your FTP server. It just takes One click!

Click Here – For example website

Get it from CNET!

(c)2016 Vincent Collura (Inventor/Engineer)