Publish your inventory to Twitter in real time!

InventoryTweeter(c) is a Windows desktop program that you can use in your store or business to publish inventory items to the internet via

The program is very simple to use. Simply tap the '+' button on the toolbar and enter the item name, price, qty and notes. You can also select a picture file to upload to twitter. After you tweet a new inventory item the program creates a tiny text file in the display window. When a customer buys the item simply tap on the item name on the list box and it will be removed from

Why use InventoryTweeter(c)?

  1. Its FAST to add, if you try to the website to publish your inventory to the internet it takes several keystrokes and is formatted. InventoryTweeter makes this easier and formats the text for each inventory item.

  2. Its FAST to delete, Once you sell and item you simply click on the item to delete it from

  3. Picture Upload Automation, The program allows you to upload a picture with a single mouse click and create picture based inventory item tweets.

  4. Its cheap only $9.99 for the PRO-registered copy.

InventorTweeter(c) is written in high quality VisualC++ MFC and requires no run-time files to run on your computer so the install is a single .EXE file.

NOTE: I offer customization to the program (eg. Tweet Template) so email me at for pricing for custom features or template changes.

Download - Click here to download the trial demo version (limit of 5 inventory items). The PRO copy has unlimited number of inventory items and has your store or company name burnt into the EXE file.

(c)2015 Vincent Collura (Inventor/Engineer)