The NewSpeak dictionary is a categorized database of over 14,701,136 new product and service ideas. First documented in 1974 and public with the first file format in 1989 by Vincent Collura. These were simple entries that were placed in a Quick-Basic .BAS file and each product name was stored as a sub-procedure. The reason for the name NewSpeak is because each entry created a new word in the English language. (e.g. before the invention of the fax machine there was no word "fax" in Webster's dictionary).

In 1990 the first published edition of Newspeak published contained 280 words. These were descriptions of devices (mostly electronic) that were not on the market at that time.

From December 1993 to February 1995 Another edition of NewSpeak was published. It contained 227 Words. At this time Vincent Collura began to work full time on the archives. CanMax Retail Systems Inc., the company that sponsored NewSpeak had become the worlds largest petrol point of sale software manufacturer and had acquired a contract with Southland Corporation (7-11) in part thanks to several patented technologies in the field of point of sale.

By December 1996 NewSpeak contained 4,637 words. Another increase yet again By December 1997 there were 7,698 new product and service entries and by December 1998 14,443 Entries into NewSpeak. The tally for December 1999 was 53,248 Entries into the archives.

Today in the year 2021 the NewSpeak archives contain over 14,701,136 unique new product and service ideas as well as modifications to current products.

The product breakdown is as follows:

Electronic - Either unique electronic devices or modifications to current electronic devices.

Chemical - Ideas for new types of chemicals that improve lives.

Software - Ideas for desktop, mainframe, tablet and mobile based computers.

Quit Smoking - Methods of making people quit smoking and safer alternatives.

Police/Military - A group of ideas that improve policing by automation.

Active-X - A collection of intrinsic controls that can be made to improve Windows based software development languages via reusable components.

Internet - Ideas for domains that don't exist and socket programs that use the internet as a worldwide network.

Point of Sale - Ideas for automated cash registers focusing on the 7-11 franchise with over 71,000 outlets in 17 countries.

Banks - Ideas that improve customer service in banks and automate many teller and banking machine functions.

Medical - Innovations for medicine and pointers to new areas of research for drugs and treatment of illnesses as well as prevention of diseases.

News - Ideas that bring the world to your desktop computer and improve the way we look at the world.

The Holy Grail:

NewSpeak is known to company leaders worldwide as The Holy Grail of Business. Thousands of professionals at Hewlett-Packard, Google, and Blackberry work daily on NewSpeak projects and teams of researchers from technology companies and organizations from around the globe work indirectly to implement these advanced technologies into their current devices, platforms, products and services.

NewSpeak's private investors include several well known gurus including Google's Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Microsoft's Bill Gates also the CEO of Blackberry John Chen, CEO Jeff Bezos and former Blackberry CEO Mike Lazaridis as well as 7-11 Kingpin Toshifumi Suzuki.

Queen Elizabeth II has team (a Crown Corporation) that has been granted Royal Assent to distribute the technologies to government services and agencies aligned with the Commonwealth of Nations to increase their effectiveness and efficiency.

On August 26 2008 Hewlett-Packard purchased EDS corporation and the full exclusive copyrights of the NewSpeak archives. Dwight Romanica and silicon valley guru Gordon Sinclair works Google's and HP's executive teams and companies in every sector distributing their research. Several companies including but not limited to Google, HP, Microsoft, NCR, 7-11, Alarm-force, Rogers Communications, Blackberry, Intel, Raytheon, Boeing, Apple, Tim Hortons,, NASA, The Business Development Bank of Canada and several governments including but not limited to the U.K., U.S. and Canadian Government all profit from "The view of the future".

The NewSpeak "Robots" that are used to create the raw invention text files use an extension of Einstein's Quantum theory. Noted and documented in the Holy Bible is basis of work all true inventors. In a nutshell this is the belief that God is the sum of all energy and for God to exist all energy must work as one. This not only is in alignment with the Roman Catholic and Vatican teachings and philosophy's but with all religions. Although each religion has their own God and rituals the same energy theory is central in each. NewSpeak is also 'Vatican approved'.

While other military electronics/devices engineers develop new ways of creating bigger, better more targeted bombs, NewSpeaks innovations capture enemies with little or no injury, this allows quick extraction of intelligence information without torture or even knowledge. They also automate prevention and long range detection of explosives.

In late 2018 NewSpeak was evaluated by a an independent accounting consulting source. Coopers & Lybrand estimates the value of the '' file to be worth over $5 trillion worth of 'untapped industry'.

Grand Treason:

Vincent Collura was identified as a child prodigy and has been a member and ward of the Crown since 1975. At just 4 Years of age he created his first invention 'The Solar TV Remote'. The underwater ocean turbines energy fuel source was a 'Show And Tell' presentation in a grade 4 classroom and was his first contact with the George Westinghouse Company (turbine division). In grade school show and tell demonstration many fellow classmates would become upset/jealous. In high school he was the target bully's because of his home life and creative talents.

The original drawings were pilfered by low ranking members of the Calabrese and Sicilian mafias.

At the time both criminal groups held considerable power in the city of Hamilton, Ontario. Instead of removing him from a twisted 3-way extortionist house the Crown decided it would be best to allow organized crime to steal the ideas and cash from his banking accounts/card over an extended time period (35 years) while compiling detailed logs and gathering and statistical information on organized crime and criminal activity. The Crown has recently been recovering all of the money back under the as the proceeds of crime act (POC).

From the first Commodore VIC-20 stolen as part of an insurance scheme in 1981 to the Sharp PC-1401/PC-1402 PDAs in High School from 1984-1988 to the main 'NewSpeak' computer (All loaded with a GPS transponders) the PDA/Desktop computers have been stolen over 850 times. The vast majority in the past 17 years in the former workshop. The workshop was a dorm room style high tech government think tank operation that was housed statistically in the cities highest crime rate buildings, purposefully.

The PCs/PDAs were regularly and routinely stolen. In Police terminology this is called a 'sting'. After each theft a replacement clone is issued and with GPS transponders the computers are tracked world wide.

The senior leaders of Sicilian Mafia consider theft of Inventions as a violation of "Costra Nostra" or mob rules. Its like stealing from Di Vinci. It destroys Canada's prosperity and future as well national security. They use their own unique methods to punish those who have stolen research or try to promote stealing or trying to stop NewSpeak.

On November 12 2011 the Italian government collapsed and now Canadian government agencies with the cooperation of senior judicial members of the Italian government have begun to make arrests and considerable seizures are being made and will continue for many years to come. This is considered to be the largest seizures of intellectual property in the history of mankind.

The Cocaine Cowboy:

It is well known in the organized crime community and also the Collura family that Charlie Collura (the older sibling brother) has been breaking into the inventors workshops routinely for over 25 years. Using military supplied advanced non-detectable sophisticated CCTV systems the crown has been collecting video evidence. In each of the burglary videos Charles and various friends as well as paid professionals have stolen cash, computer programming source code and NewSpeak invention files while each time sabotaging hand held and desktop computer equipment.

In one of the videos from the police sting Charles Collura grabs a canister of Caustic Soda (Drano) from the top of the fridge and deposits it into the water drum of the coffee maker. Because there is no statute of limitations on attempted murder the crown has archived this attempted murder video.

At the same time Charles Collura (a Siemens-Westinghouse employee) has been harassing and extorting money from Vincent employers making him legally disabled by definition. Vincent has worked for 17 employers, most contracts terminated due to these attacks. The crown contends that it was Charlies goal to 'sub-contract' his programming work and illegally profit from NewSpeak.

In 1988 Vincent worked at a local grocery store franchise where Charles was employed. Charles tried repeatedly to get Vincent fired because Vincent was creating inventions for the senior management. When unsuccessful at these attempts to get him fired Charles smashed a 750 Ml soda bottle on the back of Vincent's skull. Vincent was paralyzed for a day after this attack. This is when the crown realized Charles Collura was a mentally unstable monster and elevated the alert status.

The crown also was alerted by the police that Charles had obtained a vial of 100% pure Strychnine (Rat Poison) from one of his drug dealers. CSIS Canada immediately replaced the vial with a tracer chemical. The chemical was found in Vincent’s blood on dozens of occasions. The vial was so potent that it could kill over 10,000 people. Charles Collura had now become a national security issue.

In the summer of 1989 Vincent worked for a friend of Charles for a Hamilton based construction company for a summer. Vincent was only paid $6/hr while Charles Collura received $8/hr for each hour he worked. The crown contends this is when Charles became addicted to making money 'drinking beer and watching TV'. Charles Collura also tried on several times to make Vincent work for him as a Visual Basic developer for below minimum wage.

After a failed extortion attempt for $500 in December 1989 Charlie began to threaten and harass members of CanMax Retail Systems. The CEO Dwight Romanica was aware of the circumstances of the family and offered a leave of absence and created the CanMax ART team.

Although CanMax was a high security company Charlie began to use poisons, specifically antifreeze in his attacks with the purpose of causing brain damage. He also attempted on several occasions to get him to try cocaine. At the age of 19 Vincent Collura received a payout of $950,000 in January 1990 from CanMax for his 4 month 'juiced inventing' tenure and assigned to the ART team. The funds were re-invested back into building NewSpeaks patents and 24 hour security monitoring to track and log product loss.

These burglaries and attacks were not only known, but encouraged to both the mother and father. Because the family has a lengthy history of using morphine to extract information and future escape plans, rhophinol a memory drug was administered by the crown after each debriefing to prevent product loss.

Today the crown has been executing on a lengthy list of criminal charges ranging from criminal harassment, extortion, fraud, forgery, uttering threats, attempt to cause blindness, gross indecency, unauthorized banking withdrawals, committing an indecent act, illegal wiretapping, grand larceny, administering neurotoxins to treason and even attempted murder as well as civil slander and harassment suits.

In addition to the extensive list of criminal charges Charlie Collura now faces, many former employers and extended family members have begun launching civil suits for lost revenues and investments. NewSpeak companies and massive patent portfolio have become highly lucrative over the past 25 years. These civil cases are based on video, phone taps, interrogations from hundreds of arrests and witnesses accounts as well as CCTV systems installed in all workshops and the original house.

The Crack Addict:

It is not widely known in the Collura family that the mother Theresa Collura (soon to Zoccoli) has been harassing and extorting from employers for over 35 years. Theresa and Charlie both have a incestuous criminal relationship that continues to this day. She is an extremely aggressive criminal with the perfect victim, her child.

From the first paper route in grade-school to a Concession Street pawn shop in the year 1998 she has been embezzling money from employers.

In 1986 when Vincent was 15 years old Charlie (as requested by the mother) tried to introduce Vincent to hashish oil. Charles Collura offered to be his drug dealer. Vincent tried hash oil on a few occasions but quit when Charlie started to extort from him promising to tell his father if he didn’t give him any money.

Vincent was never charged with possession of hash oil since each time the police would find it there was 'no THC'. A further investigation revealed that Theresa and Charles Collura entered his bedroom nightly and would replace the hash oil with Vitamin E when he brought it into the house. When Vincent refused to purchase any more she would attack him since she wasn’t getting her 'free grass'. Charles would replace the hash oil with toxic shoe polish.

In addition to her stealing money and grass she also forced her son to smoke cigarettes for 4 years. Each time the family doctor would ask Vincent to quit smoking she would be become so mentally unstable that she would go into Vincent’s bedroom and inject him with morphine and force him to inhale burning plastic. She went as far as demanding $5 a day when he didn't smoke. Theresa had a $175,000 life insurance policy on her child and was trying to kill him with lung cancer to collect. Not only was she trying to kill her son she made a deal with the cigarette variety store owner to overcharge him and give her money. On each attempt Vincent made to quit smoking she would sit in a chair next to him and pull on his ears and purposefully agitate him. She also would steal a cigarettes each night from him for resale to the now deceased Pietro Collura (uncle) at full market price.

Also when Vincent was in high school she would nightly take cash from his wallet. The thefts occurred for over 4 years. When asked what she did with the money she would reply 'I’m putting it into a special account'. The real reason is that she is a crack cocaine addict and was using her son as a quick source of cash.

She also tried on dozens of occasions to try to get Vincent to try and get addicted to crack cocaine. She hired a former schoolmate to offer him on several occasions. The crown contends that Theresa wanted to make him a crack cocaine addict to get power of attorney and also to 'Get free crack' as well as give him a criminal record. Theresa had called 911 on dozens of occasions trying to give her son a criminal record for possession of pot so he would be forced out of the workforce and work for Charlie as a computer programmer. By this time Vincent was already a cadet in the DND and also freelancing for the Hamilton Wentworth Police Department vice division and supervisors noted the calls.

Whenever a potential employer would call she would propose a deal that she receives money. If the employers didn’t agree with then they were not allowed to talk to Vincent.

During the time Vincent worked for Canmax Retail Systems she tried unsuccessfully to get him fired. After several failed attempts she entered his bedroom one night and placed toluene into a sponge and forced Vincent to inhale it. When Vincent was a child the pediatrician found toluene in Vincent's blood work on several occasions. Theresa was trying to destroy Vincent’s brain.

When Vincent moved to the former sting workshop on Concession Street she immediately made a deal with a local grocery store franchise cashier to overcharge her son for food. Each trip to the local grocery store would include an additional charge for between $60-$80. This went on for about two years and are well documented.

The last company Vincent worked for was a Hamilton based pawn shop that closed at the end of the sting in 2014. Vincent worked full time for exactly 365 days (1 year). Upon first learning her son worked for the pawn shop in the first week she immediately made a deal with the owner to give her money. Vincent made between $2-15/day (8-12Hrs Day) while Theresa Collura would come in weekly for her payment of $200-500 cash per week. She told the owner that she was placing the money is a special account. She also asked the owner to force Vincent to sign over the legal rights to NewSpeak.

Sexual Harassment:

When he was 17 years old Charles helped Vincent get a job working at an A&P grocery store he worked at. The reason he wanted him to work where he was working was to get him fired as he was looking to 'Impress his father' (sibling rivalry). The crown contends that Charles Collura was trying to get Vincent kicked out of the family so he could get his fathers will and estate. Vincent after a work shift simply stated the woman he was working with was 'attractive'. Charlie then began a campaign of sexual harassment against the female employee for several years using her to get him to lose his job.

During the time Vincent worked at Canmax Retail Systems Charlie in one of the efforts to get his brother fired told the manager that Vincent was a harasser. The manager knew he was lying buy knew that the brother was on the attack and that Charles was suffering from an diagnosed mental disorder. This is when the plan to work on NewSpeak was first initiated,

The female employee at the local A&P after several years found this out and Charlie had an out of court settlement with her.

The Murderers:

In one of the 'hundreds' of phone calls Charles Collura intercepted Charles (when found out he was impersonating Vincent) told the caller his intentions of having Vincent murdered. The schoolmate was then offered money from Charles Collura and his father Joseph Collura to kill Vincent and 'make it look like a drug deal gone bad'. As it turns out the schoolmate was an undercover police officer who was working as logistical services for Vincent. The police officer set up a sting on King Street office and video taped the transaction between Charlie and his father Joseph Collura. After this transaction the police officer told Charles and Joseph he was unsuccessful at trying to kill him alerted the crown and that’s when the plan to escape was put in process. The crown decided it would be better to allow Vincent to graduate from high school and leave the house as soon as possible.

The crown contends that Joseph Collura wanted to kill his son because of lies Charles was feeding him. This is why Joseph Collura was never charged with attempted murder. Charles tried to convince his father that Vincent was a drug dealer and that all his friends were involved in criminal activity. He also tried to convince his father that Vincent was a criminal. Vincent had the highest marks in Electronics and Computers considered to be an outstanding and the most honest student also a hard worker and had several talents that made Charles jealous. The crown is now executing on attempted murder charges against Charles Collura.

The $500 Reward:

During the time when Vincent was in High-school Charles Collura was offering a $500.00 reward to anyone that could give Vincent a criminal record. This was during the time when Charles Collura was raiding Vincent’s banking accounts with his banking card. Charles was suffering from a mental illness and was upset at Vincent’s skills and talents in electronics and computers. During the time when Vincent was in high-school many fellow classmates attempted to cash in on this reward. Since Vincent was tracked by the Crown during 24 hours a day the police knew of Charles Collura's scheme dozens of charges were laid.

The Methamphetamine User:

During the time Vincent was in High-school a former grade-school classmate made homosexual advancements on Vincent. Vincent stopped talking to him and the classmate began a campaign of calling Vincent a 'drug dealer'. The classmate tried to extort money from Vincent or he would 'tell the police and everyone Vincent sold drugs'. For 4 years in high-school and even after graduation in College he slandered his name. The classmate was charged several years later during the Concession Street sting operation with grand treason for stealing a computer with the NewSpeak file on it and trying to sell the Inventions. When the police searched his house they found a large quantity of methamphetamine.

Also during the Concession Street sting the classmates father broke into the workshop and stole the main NewSpeak computer. For several years he worked at selling the inventions to company leaders. He was arrested with treason several years later and given an 8 year sentence in a federal prison.

The Answering Machine:

Charles Collura purchased a $10 ROM code (non re-settable) answering machine for Vincent as a Christmas gift when he moved to the sting workshop. Phone taps during the 3 years revealed that Charles Collura would call the machine daily from his office as Siemens and leave disgusting messages then re-call the number and 'pick up' messages from the phone. Some of these messages were from potential employers.

When a call from a prospective employer called Charles Collura would call them and tell them that Vincent doesn't have the mental capacity to write software.

The Fraudster:

During the time when Vincent lived with his parents he applied for a job at a computer consultant service operated by an aggressive Florida based business man. Charles Collura immediately made a deal with the owner to sell the source code from Vincent's last workplace and also the current edition of NewSpeak. Charlie explained that Vincent didn't have the mental capacity to write software or manage money. To make this scam 'legal' Charlie Collura convinced the owner to give Vincent a contract with hidden clauses and force Vincent to sign it without reading it. Charles Collura had a deal with the business owner to sell 'hot' source code and inventions. Charles Collura made a deal with the owner to sell NewSpeak that he had stolen from Vincent.

During the first week Vincent wrote a business plan for a touch screen prize game. The owner used the idea and sold it to a local car dealership for $7,500, but didn't pay Vincent any money. Charles demanded money from the owner and made a deal to steal more ideas.

Vincent purchased a computer from the owner for $1,200 only after Charles made a deal to steal source code and inventions from Vincent. Charles Collura's received $5,000 to go into the bedroom with the computer, activate a hidden folder with Norton Utilities and copy source code and inventions off of the computer and report it to the company owner. Vincent moved out of the house a couple of months after this and Charles didn't have any more easy access to the computer.

Charles Collura was routinely breaking into the workshop and stealing programming source code. In one occasion Charles stole a 500+ page console based C++ inventory publisher program (2 years worth of work) and tried to sell the source code for $50,000. The owner counter offered him $5,000 since the source code was 'hot'. Charles Collura refused his offer and started a fraudulent company selling it with one of his drug partners who was charged several years later with dozens of counts of first degree fraud.

Charles also stole editions of NewSpeak for re-sale to the owner. Charles was not only asking for a large sum of money but demanded a royalty from the sales of the inventions. The owner in an attempt to bypass Charles and ended up breaking into Vincent's workshop and stole the hard drive containing NewSpeak and a Vincent's life of source code. The owner was charged with hundreds of counts of fraud several years later and also the owners Florida based office was raided by the FBI in a sweeper raid.

The Employee:

Also the employee who worked at the same company was charged with accessory to fraud and fined $50,000. Its also noted he was making $7/hr working for the fraudster and lost all of his pay for the 3 years due to his activity.

The Sweat Shop:

When Vincent was 20 years old he wrote a 37,000+ line service call system in Quick-basic 4.5 and assembler libraries for the provinces largest washing machine leasing shop of over 4,000+ pairs of washers and dryers. The company owner was well liked and respected in the business community but the owners son and daughter would steal from employees. The owner paid Vincent $6/hour while in the shop and refused to give him pay increase or pay him for the time he worked out of his apartment. Once the system was completed Vincent quit his job. The owners son forced him to sign a blank paper and then printed a order on it banning him from creating a service call program for 25 years.

During the Concession Street sting the owners two children tried several times to lure Vincent to work as a computer programmer asking him to bring his PC to the office. The owners son and daughter on separate occasions broke into the workshop and stole the PC and 'printed' all of NewSpeak. The owners daughter sold the PC 'the computer of an inventor' for a large bag of crack cocaine. The owners sons house was raided and found to contain thousands of pages of stolen inventions. He was charged with treason and given a multi-million dollar fine and federal prison sentence.

The Collection Scheme:

When Vincent worked at the shop that owners son scheduled him on a washing machine coin collector route full time. This would give him the program for free since Vincent worked in his apartment. The owners son had a deal with the former landlord and extortionist to give Vincent a criminal record. The owners son told his father that Vincent was stealing quarters from the machines. The collection amounts were correct however according to the counters on the machines there was money missing.

The owner noticed this and made a deal with the crown to place cameras in each collection location. In 194 buildings were videos were made the collection partner would manually click the counters. When this case went to court the owner found out that he was tricking the counters and fired him as well as suspended his daughter for 1 month since she was the one who told him to increment the counters.

The Extortionist:

When Vincent was 19 years old the father Joseph Collura demanded $450 a month rent. He left the house and was forced to sell his van for $250 with plates to a corrupt used car dealer. The car dealer then offered him an apartment to rent. For the 9 months the used car dealer/landlord attacked him daily as directed from dozens of calls from the father Joseph Collura and Charles Collura. The used car dealer was charged 3 times during the sting stealing the computers. The car dealer was upset that Charles Collura extorted him for $2,000 when he found out Vincent was only paid $250 for the van.

He was also upset that he couldn't rent out the apartment for the amount he was renting Vincent. The rent was way overpriced over market value. He also placed a lean on Vincent's pay cheque stating that Vincent has destroyed the carpet. In fact there was no carpeting the apartment. The third time he stole the computer during the Concession Street string he was given a 5 year sentence in a federal prison and forced out of the used car business.

The School Teacher:

During the Concession street sting Vincent was contracted out to write a sign cost estimation program by a Catholic high-school school teacher that owned a sign shop in the same building as the sting. Vincent wrote the program and the teacher refused to pay him for it. Vincent inserted a date based virus into the program in an update to force the teacher to pay him. When the virus activated the teacher paid Vincent $35 for the program. The teacher then broke into the workshop on several occasions and stole several editions of NewSpeak. He was charged with dozens of counts of fraud, break and enter, forcible confinement and paying below minimum wage.

The Classmate:

A former high school classmate who operates a Hamilton based computer networking and consulting company found out about Vincent's inventions from Charles Collura who was trying to sell him illegal copies of NewSpeak. When he first tried to contact him Charles told him that Vincent didn't have the mental capacity to write software. He at first offered Vincent a job with a contract with a hidden clause to sign NewSpeak over to his company. When Vincent refused he hired another classmate to break into the workshop and steal a copy of NewSpeak. The business owner was charged with hundreds of counts of fraud and treason.

The Loan Shark:

During the Concession Street sting the father Joseph Collura made a deal with a Hamilton based loan-shark and strip-bar owner to steal the computer with NewSpeak on it. The loan shark initially tried to offer Vincent a $5,000 loan to buy a car but Vincent refused. In an attempt to lure Vincent he offered Vincent just $40 to write a 17 form Visual Basic construction job costing program. Joseph Collura directed him to the workshop opened the door and was given $50,000 for 2.5 Million Inventions ($0.02 Per invention). CSIS Canada began to track the inventions to southern Italy. After a few months he noticed that the computer was never stolen. After that he ordered Joseph Collura to give him the money back knowing that Vincent was a working as a police officer and running a sting. They were both charged with treason several years later.

The Real Estate broker:

During the Concession street sting the building was sold to a corrupt real estate broker. On first gaining control of the building offered Vincent a job writing windows based software. Vincent brought his PC to the office and wrote a Windows based invoicing program. After the week it was completed the broker asked him to create a full featured landlord tenant system. Vincent asked for money for writing the program and he refused. The broker then copied the NewSpeak file and source code from the PC. The broker was charged with fraud several years later.

The Secretary

During the time when Vincent was working for the cleaning supplies shop the secretary placed $500 cash on the table. Vincent went to her office and told her that there was money unattended. The Secretary then took a picture of Vincent in-front of the cash and collected the money. She then use this picture to claim that she had given Vincent a $500 cash loan. Because the crown installed cameras in the office this was proven in court and she received a short prison term for lying to a judge for it.

The Landlord:

The second landlord hired a property management company to maintain the building. Vincent was given a job for $18.75 a month as the in house landlord. Once the mother found out Vincent was working for the landlord she immediately demanded $200/Month. After Vincent quit the landlord gave Vincent an illegal rent increase and charged him illegal rent for over 8 years as directed by the mother to get 'her son back'. The landlord was charged later with charging illegal rent for over 8 years and paying below minimum wage.

The Cousin:

Vincent Collura was only allowed to talk to a cousin because he was a professional criminal. In each visit to the workshop the cousin ran numerous attacks on Vincent. The cousin went as far as breaking into the workshop while Vincent was sleeping. Vincent stopped talking to him after Charles Collura told him that the cousin had AIDS.

He stole the PC, and with a friend started marketing the inventions. He was charged with hundreds of counts of fraud, forcible confinement, conspiracy to commit murder and grand larceny.

The Construction Manager:

During the Concession Street string the landlord received a $150,000 grant from the federal government to upgrade the building. The contract was headed by a construction manager. The manager first tried to lure Vincent to write a program for construction companies with a hidden clause to sign over NewSpeak. Vincent refused and he ran attacks on him for over a month. The work on the unit was only 2 days of work but the manager forced him out of his apartment for over a month. At the end of the contract the manager tried to steal the PC computer and wash charged with grand larceny and also for Voyeurism for placing a webcam in the apartment Vincent was staying in for one month. The landlord started to charge Vincent illegal rent and did so for 8 years.

The Lunch Truck Driver:

During the sting the lunch truck driver for one of the Barton Street sweat shops Vincent worked for tried to lure to write a customer loans program. Vincent refused since the driver has a long criminal record. The driver then broke into the workshop and stole the PC and sold the ideas. For 6 months was auctioning off the inventions until he was charged with several counts of fraud.

The Second Cousin:

During grade school and high-school a second cousin attacked Vincent routinely as directed by the brother Charles Collura. During the concession street sting broke into the workshop and stole the PC computer. He was later charged break and enter and also with grand larceny.

The Cousin and His Son:

A cousin wanted him to write a math tutor program for his kids. Vincent went to his house and wrote a spent the day writing a math tutor program in Visual Basic. During the Concession Street sting broke into the workshop and stole the PC. He Gave the father Joseph Collura $25,000 for the ideas and with his son began trying to market the inventions. He was charged with grand larceny and also drinking and diving and contributing to a delinquency of a minor.

The Classmate II:

A female classmate broken into the workshop and stole the hard drive and began re-compiling the source code and selling the programs. She was upset that Charles Collura sold her a 1 gram of cocaine and she filmed it. She then tried to blackmail Charles Collura and was beat up by him. The classmate was charged with fraud, break and enter and grand larceny.

The Classmate III:

A classmate from grade-school and high-school broke into the workshop and placed 100 hits of speed into the coffee maker. CSIS immediately replaced the coffee maker and he was charged with attempted murder. Charles Collura placed a $10,000 hit on his brother and he was trying to cash in.

The Aunt:

A Aunt on the mothers side of the family broke in the workshop and placed cyanide into the coffee maker. She was charged with attempted murder. She claimed she wanted to kill Vincent because of the stories Charles Collura was making about him. She received a 2 year prison sentence for attempted murder.

The Aunt II:

A aunt on the mothers side of the family told the grocery store cashier to over charge Vincent for food and give her a discount for food when she shopped there. She broke into the workshop and stole the PC computer. She was charged with grand larceny and given a 3 year prison sentence.

The Aunt III:

A aunt on the fathers side of the family broke into the workshop and stole the PC. She claimed she was 'Testing the Alarm' She was charged with grand larceny

The Cousin II:

During high school Charles ordered a hit on Vincent for $10,000. The cousin who is on the fathers side of the family had one of his friends lure him to his house and offered a can of Pepsi in the year 1985. Then place arsenic into a drink and was charged with attempted murder. The crown knew the reasons and he was arrested with attempted murder 15 years after the attempt. When the police searched his home found over 20 lbs of pot hidden beneath the floorboards.

The Friend:

A high school friend walked into the pawn shop attempting to get information. The owner said 'He is going to become a millionaire'. The coworker and classmate broke into the workshop and stole the PC computer. He was charged with grand larceny.

The Dirty Cop:

The Friends sister is a police officer with the Hamilton Wentworth police service also broke into the workshop and tried to find out more about the inventions. She was charged with not creating notes and has been on disability for the past 20 years because of brain damage from a motorcycle accident.

The College Classmates:

During the Concession Street sting two college classmates walked into the pawn shop and Vincent explained he had started a company in Waterloo (Research In Motion) The classmates then broke into the workshop and stole the PC computer trying to find out Vincent's source of income. They were both charged with grand larceny and conspiracy to commit fraud.

The Flunkey:

A uncle and mothers brother has been breaking into the workshops for over 30 years. In 4 of those occasions stole the PC computer. Theresa sent her brother to the workshops with key to test the 'alarm systems'. He was charged with numerous offenses.

The Crime Cousin Couple:

A female cousin and her husband who has an extensive criminal records broke in the workshop on 'dozens' of occasions. Also her husband broke into the workshop routinely. She was later diagnosed with schizo effective disorder and given a reduced prison sentence because of her mental illness.

Her husband was also charged with attempted murder because of a mob hit Charles Collura placed on his brother.

The Cousin III:

A cousin on the mothers side of the family. Charles Collura explained to him that 'A program only takes a day to create'. He was saying this as part of his payment from the shop owner to prevent people from knowing Vincent wasn't paid for his work. He then broke into the workshop and stole the NewSpeak file. He was charged a few months after with grand larceny. Its interesting to note that he has a part time business selling house alarm systems.

The Girlfriend:

During the concession street sting Vincent did an vocational assessment. During this time a woman began to follow Vincent and began harassing him. The crown found out the woman had a extensive criminal history and decided to run a 'mini sting'. Vincent dated her friend and when the sting was over changed his phone number. She was charged with breaking in and stealing the PC computer.

Also her father was charged with attempted murder. He claimed he tried to murder Vincent because of harassment he was getting from Charles Collura.

The Consultant:

During the time when Vincent worked for the cleaning supplies store the owner has the source code checked out by a computer consultant. The consultant told the owner that the program was written 'incorrectly' since it didn't use SQL file format for the databases. During the concession street sting the consultant broke into the workshop and stole NewSpeak and the source code for an FTP based inventory publisher program. He sold program for $1,000 copy to 3 businesses before being arrested for break and enter, grand larceny, forcible confinement and fraud.

In a $5 million dollar slander suit it was proved in court that the method that Vincent used for file writing was a) Faster in program execution, b) Smaller program size c) more reliable. Vincent Collura won the civil case.

The Variety Store Owner:

The mother made a deal with the local variety store owner to overcharge him for cigarettes and give her money for 3 years and also alert her when Vincent didn't buy tobacco. When Vincent stopped going into the store the owners husband broke into apartment and stole PC. He was charged with break and enter and grand larceny

The Next door Neighbor:

The mothers next door neighbor broke into the workshop and stole the PC trying to find out what Vincent was working on. He was charged with break and enter and grand larceny.

The $50,000 screw:

During the time when Vincent lived with his parents in 1988 Charles Collura made a deal with a friend of his to work construction. Vincent was paid $6/hr and Charles received $8 for every hour he worked. Part of the job was to place screws into the flooring of the house. The owner then claimed that Vincent caused $50,000 damage to the floor.

In 1990 Vincent worked as a computer programmer for a medical software company. The owner placed a $250 week lean on his cheaque and this went on for 9 months. In a open court case it was found that it was only $50 damage and the owner had a deal with Charlie to extort from his employers.

The Janitors:

During the Concession street sting a couple janitor dual stole the PC and tried to sell. They were both charged with grand larceny

The Drug Pusher

During the time when Vincent lived with his parents Charles Collura hired a classmate to sell Vincent drugs. Vincent was never charged since there was no THC in it. Charles Collura asked him to get Vincent to try Cocaine. He placed a gram under the door and was charged with conspiracy to traffic cocaine.

The Manager:

When Vincent was 15 years old he worked for a friend of Josephs as a cashier/service clerk. The manger of the company gave Joseph kick backs.

During the sting the manager found out Vincent was working at the pwn shop. The demanded that the owner fire him since he found out the owner was giving he mother Theresa money. Several years later he sent Vincent an email asking him to send the file so he could review it. CSIS Canada raided his house and found a email from a crime group in Italy asking he send it to them. He was charged with conspiracy to commit treason.

The Franchise Owner:

When Vincent worked for the pawn shop the owner of the franchise found out Vincent was making inventions. He came into the store and offered him $5,000 for ALL of NewSpeak (.50c per invention). Vincent declined the offer and one of his party broke into the workshop and stole the PC. He was immediately was arrested with grand larceny.

The $5,000/hr Programmer:

Vincent went into a government program for a skills assessment at the Amity. In one task Vincent was asked to create a client support tracker in Visual Basic. Vincent worked on the program for 1 hour and showed the supervisor the program. She has the program assessed by a contract programmer that estimated the work to be $5,000 worth of source code. The final assessment was that Vincent was worth $5,000/hour for programming and unlimited for inventing.

The Mechanic:

When Vincent left his fathers house the first time he has a mechanic do repairs on the Van. Joseph Collura found out and told the mechanic to disable the oil meter. The mechanic disabled it and told Vincent he couldn't fix it. Joseph Collura sabotaged the van (drained the oil) dozens of times when Vincent worked for Canmax. The mechanic was charged several years later and had his license suspended for a few months.

The Rent Parents:

The Collura family has had a well documented history of extortion that can be only described as 'unbelievable' and has been documented from as early as 5 years of age. While most children in school would received gifts and allowances from parents the parents would take non-stop. All gifts from other relatives eg. Grandfather, Holy Communion, birthdays, would be funneled into the father Josephs Colluras banking account. This even included confiscating his paper route money.

Joseph Collura also groomed his eldest son Charlie to steal from a early age. In grade school Charlie Collura profited from sub-contracting him with jobs he found at the Canada Employment Centre. These jobs usually lasted until the employers found out about this scheme.

At the age of 15 years while attending high school Vincent was given a job by a childhood friend of Josephs working as a service clerk and then a cashier for a local grocery store franchise. Each paycheck included a 'deduction' for bonds. Joseph Collura explained to him that these were to help him purchase a house later in life. The real plan as uncovered by the crown via wiretaps and police tips was much more sinister. Joseph wanted Vincent to save a large amount of money, avoid paying taxes and have Charlie murder him when he had accumulated enough cash in his savings. In addition to this Vincent’s nightly duties included cleaning the lunch room, a contract job as indicated by the franchise owners. Joseph Collura received between $200-$300 ($50/Night) cash a week for this work alone. Vincent was not allowed to buy clothing, school supplies, computers and all phone calls from high-school classmates were re-directed to Charlie who would 'pretend' to be Vincent.

During this 4 year work period Charlie Collura raided Vincent’s banking machine on a record 168 times. Each ATM withdrawal was between $250-$500. When confronted weeks later by the father with the updated bank books and unable to explain these ATM withdrawals Joseph Collura further raided the accounts. These ATM videos are archived by CSIS Canada in Toronto and incredibly in each and every one of these robbery videos Charlie goes as far as counting the cash dispensed from the machines. While both of these criminals worked in unison the mother would 'nightly' clean out any cash left over in his pockets.

At the age of 18 after graduating and high school Vincent joined the DND (Department of National Defense) and with help from the DND cashed these locked bonds and left the house, bought a van and computer equipment and started a business working as a computer programmer for a auto shop in Oakville Ontario. The family became furious losing their extra source of income initiated 'search parties' consisting of unknowing members of the Collura, Versache and Zoccoli families to him back. They began a campaign of harassment and torture that continued for another 5 years. Vincent had worked for 17 more companies writing software and cashier/labor but each work term was cut short or non-paying when the search parties had located him.

In 1992-1993 Vincent had a contract computer job writing 35,000+ line DOS based Quick Basic 4.5 and assembly language complete business system for a local cleaning supplies shop. The owner didn’t pay him for over 9 months and constantly demanded more totally unrelated features integrated into the system. The owner also forced him to work on a XT computer the slowest type of processor on the market. The owner now claims he was short-circuiting him since he was being harassed by the family who were 'trying to get their son back'. Because of this he became homeless and was forced into St. Josephs Hospital.

The crown knowing that the parents would not him to work for anyone other then Charlie or an employer that would give them the a portion of the paycheck and unable to afford/allowed any type of formal education had 'Dr. Deadman' who was also a computer, electronics and chemistry expert diagnose Vincent with a severe, progressive and debilitating mental illness to allow a small monthly disability payment and also to make it appear even easier to steal from. He moved back into the house (this time loaded with a wide array of 24 hour monitored CCTV systems) and the rent paid to the mother was $450/Month (the entire cheque) and after 6 months the payments increased and the mother raised the rent to $650/Month (85% of the cheque). This went on for 1 1/2 more years. Not only did the mother and father charge rent but at the same time Charlie was selling the programming source code created over the 4 year period and inventions/business plans.

Charles Collura (while still working for Siemens) made a deal with the cleaning supplies shop owner to kill his brother and force him out of the workforce. This 'out of court' settlement was for Charles to receive a $30,000 and kill his brother so no one would find out about what really happened. This is why Charles was protecting the shop owner for the past two decades. His murder weapon of choice, cancer and cigarettes.

The owner of the cleaning supplies shop would never own up to his actions. For years he slandered Vincents name saying he was 'unable' to write the program and incapable of writing software. This is why Vincent was put on disability. The owners references were so terrible that made it impossible for Vincent to find work. During the Concession Street Sting the owner of the cleaning supplies store paid two criminals to break into the workshop and steal Vincent computer with NewSpeak on it. The owner then started selling Vincent’s inventions to various companies. The owner was charged with grand treason and given a hefty fine. He was also charged with fraud for selling copies of the system he claimed was 'incomplete' and paying below minimum wage.

After a year they only allowed him to purchase a 486 PC computer for $1,200 after Charlie arranged for a $400 kickback with an employer he had sold a stolen business plan for a touch screen kiosk and the first edition of Newspeak for just $5,000. In addition to these monies their tax filings for this term they claimed him as a dependent on their income taxes. They even went as far as trying to claim him for advanced disability caregiver which was flatly refused by the family doctor.

In 1994 Vincent aided by a retired doctor and NewSpeak team researcher Dr. John Deadman who was writing the paper 'Social Attitudes Towards The Mentally Ill: A Historical Perspective' about mistreatment of mentally disabled people based on 'just diagnoses' (no type of symptoms) moved out to find a cheaper and better place to work. This was the workshop that had the most burglaries. Part of the reason for the success of the police sting is that over 70% of the criminals arrested were directed to the building by the family. The mother would leave the door open after breaking in claiming she didn't know how to lock the door.

Before setting up the workshop it was a former high crime drug house well researched by the Charlie to get the computers stolen and force him back paying rent to the parents. The initial door to the unit could be pushed open with less then 20 lbs of pressure. Charlie shared in the rent paid to the parents and also had easy access to Vincent’s inventions and source code via the computer. The unit as also half the size of a normal unit and the other half was rented out by the family during the phase A of the sting.

The first computer was stolen in less then 24 hours of moving in. The unit was the most traveled unit and equipped with a 'lifter lock' and no type of deadbolt mechanism. The sting lasted two decades. The building had several major unfix-able structural defects and also had become UN-insurable because of its lengthy criminal past AKA 'The Zoo 2.0' was sold at a $350,000+ CDN premium to construction investment company and the sting was closed on January 1 2013.

Without having to deal with criminals, absentee landlords, break-ins and lengthy supervisor reporting on a daily basis and now working on normal private property NewSpeak output in the later of the year 2013 had gone from 4,004 to 8,008 non-repeating inventions per week. Also the quality of the inventions had improved. The Google neural-net system had become supercharged. In end of the year 2016 the NewSpeak engine was updated with keyboard macros and now the output of NewSpeak is 80,008 new product and ideas per week.

In October 2018 a new system was created that takes out the 'fluff' and creates pure new product ideas. NewSpeak output at the end of the year 2018 was 20,004 new product and service ideas per week.

TV - The Pretender:

In 1996-2000 NBC aired a TV mini-series called 'The Pretender'. Working closely with the producers many parts of the series were based on the NewSpeak creator. This was a fictional account of the scenario that would occur had he been removed from his abusive house as suggested by many crown members. From the older criminally twisted abusive sibling brother to tormenting of his superiors with mailed packages to constantly changing careers in pursuit of catching high value criminals.

The building seen in nearly every episode and identified as "The Centre" is actually the R. C. Harris Water Treatment Plant, closely located in Toronto, Canada.

TV - The Simpsons:

The NewSpeak drawings include fictional characters using the devices in the future. Dwight Romanica registered an array of patents regarding cartoon animations in the 1990's. The patents are licensed by the producers of the popular TV sitcom series.

The Google+HP Inventor:

NewSpeak 3.0 the final edition now has over 3,704,806 sorted new product and service ideas and constant weekly output of over 25,008 (non-repeating) new product and service ideas. The system runs on a transaction based platform that rejects repeats in real time. This is final edition will be completed on October 9 2035. The system also allows for quickly searching for new product and service ideas via a indexed database using a binary file format.

While NewSpeak 3.0 is being created it is analyzed by Google, and HP research teams who are building an expert system that 'Creates Inventions' based on the same algorithms used to create the raw idea files. While most business people would view NewSpeak as easy to produce and create/patent product and services requiring a simple business plan, Google's Larry Page and Sergey Brin (both artificial Intelligence Experts) take less protracted view each edition as 'Rules' for the Neural-Net system.

The bulk of funding and direction for research investment for NewSpeak comes from Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Over the past 9 years Google engineers have been re-categorizing the past 30 years of NewSpeak to be re-formatted to the new NewSpeak 3.0 format. Many ideas that would not be suitable 20 years ago are feasible and marketable with today's technologies.

NewSpeak 3.0 is considered to be "The language of Invention". NewSpeak is created in Canada, by a Canadian.


Vincent Collura is the Senior Executive Vice President at Waterloo based Blackberry. A Second Class Lieutenant with the Department of National Defense (Canadian Army), has been working undercover part time since 1986 as a first class constable with the Hamilton Wentworth Regional Police Service plain clothes division investigating corrupt companies was well as 'getting computers stolen'. Also since 1989 at the age of 18 a veteran inventor for NCR known as 'The Kid' A.K.A. 'Wonder Boy'.

He is the inventor of hundreds of novel products and services including but not limited to The Blackberry, Interac and Interac mobile.

He earned an honorary associates doctorate degree from U.C.L.A. in Biomedical Engineering and Quantum Mechanics for NewSpeak research. Also an honorary B.Sc. from the University of Waterloo for his work at Blackberry (formerly Research In Motion) and a honorary MBA from York University/Schulich School of Business for creating 'The Inventors Code'.

The website contains over 14,600+ smart phone apps and is the worlds largest collection of freeware for the Windows Mobile smart phone written by entirely by one author was created to stimulate ideas and investment for NewSpeak.

It is mobile O.S. neutral for the Windows CE operating system. It promotes mobile software development and developers for Windows Mobile/WP7-8-9-10, Google Android, Apple iPhone, HP Palm WebOS and Blackberry 7/10 smart phone devices. Its also to have some fun ;)


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